Fee Intimation

  1. Tuition fee in our institution under management quota is very close to the fee under Government quota.
  2. The fee may be paid in two installments.  Any student who withdraws from the course after the commencement of classes, Course fee is not refundable.
  3. Those who opt for instalment scheme must pay  before the due date. A fine will be added for late fee payment. Students who have not paid their dues by the end of the due date will not be allowed to attend classes from the following month until the fee is paid in full.   
  4. Hostel fee is for the duration of whole year from June 1st to May 31st. It is non-refundable.
  5. Mess fee is collectedmonthly-basis and should be paid before 5th of every month to avoid penalty.
  6. Exam fee  must be paid before the due date.
  7. All fees will be paid directly in the bank in the account of the institution. Bring the copy of the payment receipt to the accountant to complete the payment process.
  8. Once in every two months account summary of students will be displayed in the account section for three days. Days will be announced through circular.
  9. Serious disciplinary action will be taken if any malpractice occurs in your payments.
  10. One month notice to be given to the account section if you are vacating the hostel.
Courses Course
1st Year
Book Fee Developmental
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
DIPLOMA 3 YEARS 33000 VARY VARY 1000 33000 33000 0
BE 4 YEARS 45000 VARY VARY 2000 45000 45000 45000
ME 2 YEARS 75000 VARY VARY 5000 75000 0 0