About the Community

The Selvam Women Excellence Engineering Technology is situated in RajaNagar Nangamengalam Trichy.


The village communities mainly depend on agriculture and small industries, are mostly poor, and lack adequate infrastructure for school education, health and other amenities. We envision that the growth of institution would spur the economic growth and infrastructural development of the area and serve the surrounding communities. 


Our broad vision for the future includes specific objectives for the communities on our campus and off the campus.


Students: To give all students a broadly based world class experience that would enhance the development of original, creative and critical thinking, hands-on technical and professional skills, global outlook and cultural awareness. Inclusive in this plan is a campus life that prepares them to be leaders and lifelong learners.


Faculty &Staff : To provide a dynamic and supportive working environment in which faculty and staff will continually develop intellectual and professional skills. 


Research : To be a leading institution for research and post graduate study, pursuing knowledge in both fundamental and applied areas,collaborating closely with business and industry in promising technological innovation and economic development.


Outside Communities: To establish institutions such as primary and secondary schools, health services, and open library on-campus that would benefit the surrounding communities. 


Commitment to India : The institution will conscientiously and consciously promote and assist Indian economic and social development and enrich the nations culture.