Dear Future Leaders of India


Vandhe Madharam.


Twenty Seven years ago, I started S.A.Rajas Polytechnic College in my native village, Vadakkangulam and realized my dream of making technical education accessible and affordable for rural youth. God has granted me abundant grace to pursue my dreams and today I am content that various trusts founded by me are running twelve institutions of higher education.


In the past Twenty Seven years, much has changed in the world. Communication technology has created a truly global community and information technology has transformed the way we live and work. The country of China is on the way to become the most powerful nation in the world. Our own country is not too far behind. Among things that have not changed and must not change is the fact that education continues to be THE KEY to liberation from the darkness of poverty, oppression and ignorance. That's why education remains paramount in the agenda of progressive people during times of prosperous growth as well as periods of troubling decline. I congratulate you for choosing the path of education to the ultimate destiny of human progress.


Thousands of students who passed through the portals of Rajas Colleges are testimonies that education at our institutions enriches lives in many ways. I wish you all the best in 2011 in your pursuit of peace and prosperity through higher education.


Jai Hind

Founder Chairman

Chairperson's Message 2012 - 2013