JS Colleges were founded by the philanthropist and educational visionary Dr. S. A. Raja in 2001. Dr. S.A. Raja founded several professional colleges in the fields of engineering, medicine, science and humanities. JS Engineering College was the fourth engineering college and The Kevin Polytechnic College was the third polytechnic in the Rajas Group of Colleges. The institutions are managed by Joe's Educational Medical and Charitable Trust under the Chairmanship of Dr (Mrs) Joe Suresh, M.B.B.S., M.D., the daughter of Dr. S.A. Raja and Mrs. Sophia Raja.

JS Group of colleges is now conducted with the guidance of Sethu Institute of Technology in continuous improvement in teaching, research and professional service. We promise to make vast difference in students lives and in the communities where they live.


Group of Education Institutions

JS Colleges, a group of education institutions, Joe Suresh Engineering College , The Selvam Women Excellence Engineering Technology, The Kevin Polytechnic College, JS Kirupa CBSE School and JS Keerthana Music and Art Academy that are vibrantly growing and inviting you to be a part of it.


Who We Need

We need students who believe that they have the potential to make vast difference in their own lives and in the communities where they live.


We need teachers who believe that their purpose in life is to educate young minds and that they can contribute significantly to their academic disciplines through teaching, research, and professional service.


We need administrators and other supporting staff who find fulfilment in service and delight in continuous self-improvement and realizing their objectives in work and life.

The School's Vision

The vision of JS Colleges is empowerment of young men and women of India with knowledge of what to do, skills of how to do, and attitude of can do. Professionally educated men and women of strong virtues and values, we envision, would drive themselves, their families and countries to prosperity.

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Welcome to the new academic year 2012-13. I am happy to welcome you all in the new academic year. Each one of us has started the year with great expectation of receiving quality education in our JS Colleges. Since I took up the management role since 16thSeptember 2008, I have worked with teachers to remind them of their responsibility for inspiring students and pushing them to learn.

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