2014-15 admission criteria:


  1. Application form is issued by Ms. Gomathi at One stop center
  2. Mr. Babi at One stop center collects T.fee. Original documents are given along with the amount to Mr. Babi.
  3. Mr. Velladurai and Mrs. Emelda will collect it from Mr. Babi to verify the documents and save it.


Staff who admitted the students will receive their service charge by  RTGS. So please give your account details to Mr. Babi or send it correctly to jseduinfo@gmail.com

JS Colleges: Guidelines for Students Requesting Certificates after 31st May 2014


Students of both JSEC and TKPC students were given circulars to collect their original documents before 31st May 2014. Students who fail to collect it should follow the following guidelines.

1.Request for your documents by email jseduinfo@gmail.com.  If no dues, you will be given the date and time, staff name, location for you to collect the documents from the Trust Office. You should appear in person and produce the email print out to collect the documents. 


2.Students who need their documents by registered post, send their correct address in an envelope and send it to college address along with bank deposit receipt for Rs 500. Director, Account section, JSColleges, NH7 (opp to Sengulam railway station),Mundradaipu, Tirunelveli-627152.


3.Person with authorization letter must meet department HOD and get his sign. We do not recommend such service for everyone but for an exceptional situation.

Unnecessary waiting in the reception or sending requisition frequently by mail without adhering to the above procedure will not help you.

Special service Charge for issuing Certificates to Students and Staff  


By post or by authorized person - Rs 1000

Students in Person  – Rs 500 

Discontinued students to collect their original documents


  1. Send requisition by email jsinfoedu@gmail.com
  2. Account verification
  3. Exam cell verification
  4. Department verification
  5. Reply will be given within 10 working days by email.
  6. After completion of reply instruction no due form will be given by Trust office.
  7. Release of the original documents from the record section. Date and time will be informed to you by email. You bring the email report to collect it.


Note: Students who have registered their name under Anna University and discontinued from the course on the 1st year must pay the 2 years of Tuition fee, book fee and developmental fee for that year. Students who discontinued after 2 years must pay the entire course Tuition fee (ME-2years, BE – 4 years, Diploma- 3 years) The Anna University gives these rules. Students cannot expect the exemption from the management. So student must clear their dues before sending requisition.



This is to inform you that your payment for the next odd semester (2014-15) begins from July 1st 2014.


Late payment fine will be added from 1st September 2014.

Effective Communication at One Stop Center


This is to inform you that staff and students must use the drop boxes kept in the One Stop Center. Each institution will have a box properly labeled. There will not be any staff available at the offices of Engineering College, Polytechnic, or Trust Office to collect your requisitions. You can also send the requisition by email id to jsinfoedu@gamil.com and this is the most preferred method of communication with the management.


Reply will be given to your email id mentioned in the requisition letter within 10 working days. So, please make sure your email id is correct and check replies frequently.


This is effective from 27/5/14.

JS Students who Need Bonafide Certificate to Avail Bank Loan

Students who need bonafide certificate, please send your requisition by email jseduinfo@gmail.com.

You will get the reply within 3 working days stating the date and time for you to collect from the Trust Office by paying Rs 100 cash or bank receipt.

Unnecessary waiting in the reception or sending requisition frequently by mail without adhering to the above procedure will not help you.

Updated: May 15, 2014

JS Colleges: Guidelines for Students Receiving Certificates before Completion of their Courses


Students of both JSEC and TKPC students frequently request for their original documents before completion of their course for various reasons. Students should be aware of the guidelines set by the self-financing institutions that students can avail their original documents only after their course completion. If they need the documents before course completion, they must pay full course fees and get no dues from the Principal, HOD, Library and Account Section.

Once the above process is completed, you can request for your documents by email jseduinfo@gmail.com. You will get reply within 7 working days stating the date and time for you to collect the documents from the Trust Office. You should appear in person and produce the no dues form to collect the documents. 

Unnecessary waiting in the reception or sending requisition frequently by mail without adhering to the above procedure will not help you.

May 15th 2014



Students Discipline


This is to inform you that the attitude of some students towards the staff is highly unforgiving. From the gate to your classroom we anticipate the students to follow the rules and regulations of the institution. Staff has been appointed in each place to maintain the campus atmosphere in order to provide quality education. I like to remind you again institution is a holy place. You must behave yourself.

There will be grievances for staff and students. By our new system of email communication we can solve the issues within time.  But there is always hierarchical management in every organization. It means one leader above few staff to coordinate and get the work accomplished. You must get the appointment to meet another person. As a chairperson I inform the staff to set up time for the meeting well ahead of the meeting time and prepare the discussion topics. Few students have been trying to meet the chairperson without permission. They unnecessarily argue and quarrel with the staff. This results in waste of time and energy for all of us.  Whatever problem you might have, there is always a solution. Patience is needed to get the victory. Any staff or students who would like to meet the chairperson must give their requisition to your department HOD and he will help you in meeting the chairperson. I hope students follow the regulations to avoid unpleasant consequences. We live in a more sophisticated world. CCTV can easily record all our activities. Your attitude determines your altitude. May God bless us.






JS ACHIEVERS PREPARATORY WORKSHOP is a year-long program to prepare students for successfully competing for positions in the industrial(including software and services) sector when they complete their education.The program is designed to impart soft skills that are not part of the educational curriculum. 


The program will emphasize acquiring of skills in three core areas:

·       Learning to Learn: Recognizing that higher learning starts at college and does not end in college, but college is where foundations of learning are laid out, orientation will be provided to students on thinking skills and knowledge acquisition methods in the modern world, especially using technology. 

·       Working in Teams: Focus will be on collaboration skills that are highly sought out in the modern work place as fields of specialty expand and knowledge required for deployment of projects are so vast that many people need to work together to achieve success. 

·       Communicate: Receiving and delivering messages clearly is a highly rewarded attribute for men and women anywhere, and especially in work place. Taught are ways to make effective presentations, emails, and reports.

The program will be delivered over 9 months choosing one Saturday a month for presence in classroom and field settings for lectures,tests, and hands-on exercises. Rest of the month will involve execution of assignments, projects and practice.


Twenty five, highly motivated students of JS Campus who need to apply and be selected on a set of criteria.


Send your intent to apply to jseduinfo@gmail.com

 on or before June 30, 2014. You will be contacted with further details. 

October 20, 2013


Dear Staff,


Thank you for taking great effort in accomplishing our goal of excellence this year in academic, sports, and extracurricular activities.


I briefly like to remind the activities based on your work details data sheet that I have received from all staff.


Academic Directors: Mr. Amar Sing Feroz, Mr. Madhavan, Mr. Velladurai, Dr. Ramamoorthy, Mrs. Reginapaul, Mrs. Emelda, Ms. Booma, Mr. Balakumaran, Mr. Ganaprasana, Mr. Rajasekar.


Duties are:

(1) Assembly; (2) Exams Results analysis; (3) Students/parents meet; (4) Attendance; (5) Discipline; (6) Sports; (7) Club activity; (8) Anna University; (9) DOTE; (10) Inspection; (11) Scholarships


  1. Assembly has been conducted by Mrs. Regina Paul daily with great care. I appreciate her continuous effort in improving the students’ talents in spoken English. I like every department HOD each day to take the lead instead of just the same person every day.

  2. Exams Results analysis: MCQ has been conducted for Mech and Civil departments as well. It is being evaluated by staff.  I request Dr. Ramanoorthy to analyse the results and send me a brief report on how the students performed overall.


I was told IAT 3 should be completed before the start of the Practical Exams (24/10/13). It has been decided therefore to start the tests from 18/10/13, hold 2 tests per day and complete the tests preferably on 21/10/13. IAT 3 must be completed before the start of the Practical Exams (24/10/13). 


Accordingly the tests will start from 21/10/13. Thank you Dr. Ramamoorthy for conducting the exam on time. I appreciate it.


  1. Students/parents meet: Parents meet for the 1st year students were conducted on Saturday, October 19th. Only 6 parents out of 54 attended. They were informed that their participation will be needed at least once in a month. Except on holidays, every Saturday will see a parents meet. Parents are asked to know their ward attendance, 5th hour daily test, and discipline report on their every visit. They can meet the academic directors on appointment for clarification of any problems.

Parents were asked to sign the admission undertaking letter needed by the management to complete the admission process. For those who were absent, the letter is sent through their children.

HOD will collect all the signed parents and give it to the Records section by Tuesday 24/10/13.

1st year ME students were asked to meet for the ME orientation and to discuss the study model for the semester. Emphasis was given on scoring high marks in the coming exam by serious commitment in their studies.


ME students were asked to pay their dues and to meet the chairperson and sign the undertaking letter.  Due to low attendance on that day, the time to sign the undertaking letter has been extended further till Tuesday, 22nd October. Academic directors were asked to take proper attention. The admission of those students who failed to sign and meet the chairperson by Tuesday, not paid the Tuition fees will be cancelled without any further notice. We expect students to oblige the college rules and regulations if they like to continue their studies.


(4) Attendance; (5) Discipline; (6) Sports; (7) Club activity: Concerned staff, please send the report on each every week. It would be helpful for better communication among ourselves.


(11) Scholarships:  It is in process for both Polytechnic and JSEC under the Supervision of Mr. Velladurai, who has done good work.


I like to remind again from the previous message: Since odd semester 2014 will be a very short period, all staff are requested to submit the Course Materials and Questions by 30th November 2013. Every department is given special agenda for the improvement of their department as well as to improve the admission of students.


For the grievance of death of the Principal of another engineering college, Dr. Suresh, 21st Monday is declared as holiday. I deeply regret that our younger generation has taken the wrong route to destroy others and themselves. We staff have to counsel and guide them in the right direction. Good education always will lead them in the right track and let us try to give that.


All the best.


JS Coleges



October 15, 2013


Dear Staff,


Thank you for taking the time this past Friday and Saturday to discuss on the department work performance in September. Happy to know the predicted result by the department heads was above 80%. MCQ is also conducted in all departments except Civil and Mechanical.  In both departments it will be conducted on 17/10/13. All first year ME students must be informed about the online study model to get the attendance and Internal assessment marks. They must meet the chairperson one of the days in this week and subsequently during my monthly visits.

Every Saturday parents meet will be conducted between 2pm and 4 pm and they will be informed all the current events in our campus. Staff must request their support.


Since odd semester 2014 will be a very short period, all staff are requested to submit the Course Materials and Questions by 30th November 2013. Every department is given special agenda for the improvement of their department as well as to improve the admission of students.


In addition, it was informed that the website has been updated more frequently now so all staff and students are requested to open our college website to get the latest news.


On Saturday 12/10/13 at 3 pm, Minutes of Staff Meeting were discussed among the department HOD. The Chairperson insisted that the staff need more unity to accomplish the goal. All the issues were discussed in various angles. At the end, staff have been identified and divided into 4 groups to support each other and works has been delegated to them. This will be effective from 17/10/13. It was insisted that all 4 groups must interact more often to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication among staff and students. They all must work as four wheels of a vehicle toward our goal of seeking excellence in 2013 such as Academic Result, Sports and Club activities.  It was reminded again that the unity of staff would force the students to be more disciplined. And also the senior faculty members must help the junior staff in controlling the students.  The meeting was ended with the resolution by the staff that they will try their level best in achieving the goal as a team not as an individual department and would produce 100% result in the up-coming University exam. Special efforts will be done for 1st semester students in Diploma, BE and ME students.  We decided to have our next meeting on 23rd December 2013. We concluded the meeting with prayer.


Our four groups are:


  1. Academic Directors: Mr. Amar Sing Feroz, Mr. Madhavan, Mr. Velladurai, Dr. Ramamoorthy, Mrs. Reginapaul, Mrs. Emelda, Ms. Booma, Mr. Balakumaran, Mr. Ganaprasana, Mr. Rajasekar.

Duties are:

(1) Assembly; (2) Exams Results analysis; (3) Students/parents meet;

(4) Attendance; (5) Discipline; (6) Sports; (7) Club activity; (8) Anna University; (9) DOTE; (10) Inspection; (11) Scholarships


  1. Campus Directors : Mr. Vellasamy, Mr. Babi, Mr. Simon, Mr. Andiyappan, Mr. Nagercoil Shanmugam,  Mr. Sankarasubhu, Mr. Ponnusamy

Duties are:

(1) Security; (2) Maintenance; (3) Transport; (4) Hostel; (5) Canteen; (6) Attendance


  1. Website Directors: Mr. Liston, Ms. Ramya, Mr. Siva Kumar

Duties are:

(1) Website updating; (2) Training our staff to use the college website as their mode communication and information; (3) To record the daily work sheet; (4) To assist the staff and students in login; (5) Computer based MCQ exam arrangements once every month; (6) To have the computer lab ready to use by all the staff in Poly and school for their needs; (7) To activate the WIFI connectivity as soon as possible by contacting the Sunnet.


  1. Trust Office Directors:


1. Mr.  Office Johnson -- Stock and Purchase

2. Mrs. Shanthi -- Cashier and PRO

3. Ms. Saraswathi -- Records

4. Mrs. Bakiya Sundari -- Mail dispatch

5. Mr. Poly Shanmugam -- Polytechnic correspondence

6. Ms. Gomathi -- JS Eng. College office assistant

7. Mr. Balasubramanian -- JS Eng. College Correspondence, EPF

8. Mr. Marimuthu -- Poly College office assistant


Department Agenda:


  1. Odd Semester 2014 course material submission by 30th Nov

  2. Faculty Conference by ECE department in the month of December 2013. (Eng. Colleges under Tirunelveli Anna University  boundary)  

  3. Career counseling for the schools from 9th std to 12th std--- Dec 1st 2013 to Feb 28th 2014

  4. JS Magazine- Mr. Madhavan by December

  5. Science Center – Mr. Feroz by December


All this information will be posted under information About  Staff Organization Chart. Please review it as necessary.


Thanks for your co-operation.  May God bless us.


Faith + Work = Success

With best regards,



JS Colleges




October 1, 2013


Dear Staff:


Greetings to you.


I know this month has started with a big surprise and disappointment.


I feel discipline is far more important than anything else in this world.


If I am allowed to prioritize things, discipline must be the first one. Then comes our skills, health, wealth, etc.  Our students must learn the discipline first. They will not learn it unless they go through difficulties in life.  Our students get their education at low cost but their attendance rate is low. I feel they have more privileges compared to my 6 year old daughter.  Unless they are taught to know the value of the education they are not going to be benefited by their learning nor will they be useful to the society in which they live.


In these 10 days let them realize how valuable their time and learning are. Do you think they have a good environment like our institution to study?  They have to understand the value of our college and you. They cannot take everything for granted. If they are coming to the college it is for learning and preparing them to live independently. So, let them study on their own what you have taught so far.


I will send the appointments to meet the staff like last month. After the meeting we can have the students write the exam. Please send the question bank and answer key to my mail ID.


We have decided to use a group email to communicate the teaching staff. Initially I am asking Liston to coordinate the work. Once it works well I will be sending you all directly.  Please clarify your doubts with Mr. Liston regarding how it works.


I prefer frequent communication that will strengthen us to reach our goal. When you have time please visit the following links.






I conclude with a story “Gold 3 feet away.”


One man was digging the ground for gold treasure. He could not find it.  He got frustrated and threw the tools in the trash.  A trash picker took the tools and got the help of specialist mining engineer. He surveyed the ground and advised that gold was only 3 feet away. He dug three feet and got the treasure. Are you ‘just 3 feet from gold?’


Best wishes,



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Welcome to the new academic year 2012-13. I am happy to welcome you all in the new academic year. Each one of us has started the year with great expectation of receiving quality education in our JS Colleges. Since I took up the management role since 16thSeptember 2008, I have worked with teachers to remind them of their responsibility for inspiring students and pushing them to learn.

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