From the Chairperson

Dear Student, Staff and Well-wishers of JS Colleges,


A very happy new year to all of you in 2011.


Arrival of a new year makes us look at events that happened in the past year and look forward to the events that will happen in the coming year.


2010 was a good year for JS Colleges. AICTE permitted Joe Suresh Engineering College to offer two additional B.E. courses (Civil & Mechanical) and two new M.E. Courses (Applied Electronics & Computer Science & Engineering). Students of The Kevin Polytechnic College moved to their third and final year. Infrastructural facilities of the colleges improved vastly. We opened a new indoor auditorium and moved the library to a new and bigger location. We made vast improvements in our computing infrastructure by upgrading all of our existing labs.


What was personally gratifying to me in 2010 was the start of the JS United Hands program. This is a self-help charity oriented program that is jointly funded by the management, staff and students. The funds are managed by a council of nine people, four from the staff side, four from the students’ side and one from the management side. Needs of those who request for funds from the program are periodically reviewed by the council. The funds may be provided either in the form of a gift or repayable loan with no interest. The program is currently limited to the JS Colleges community, but we hope to extend it to outside the community once the corpus is large enough for such expansion. Other than the direct benefit it offers to the needy, what I see are a number of indirect benefits. Chief among them is the experience it provides our student body in the administration of a charitable organization


Steadfast faith and tireless work by our staff and students created the success of 2010. Our resolve to succeed even more in 2011 is stronger, and our reliance on God to help us to move forward is greater. The cause of higher education is the clearest ever now as India’s ambitions to be a powerful nation in the world are no longer considered to be unrealistic by the world. Only 6% of 18-23 year olds in India are enrolled in higher education whereas 47% of the same age group in developed countries pursues higher education. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done by institutions like JS Colleges, and we will not treat our responsibilities lightly. Our pledge for the New Year will be to continue to perform our duties diligently, and create exciting opportunities for students and staff to develop themselves further towards a bright future.

Dr. Joe Suresh, M.B.B.S., M.D.(Gen Med), PGDHSC(DIABETOLOGY).