Compassion, Honesty, Fairness, Responsibility, Respect are the basis and core values for the KRS International School's approach to Character Education and serve as the foundation for all relationships among students, staff, faculty, administrators, and parents.

KRS International School recognizes that educational goals and needs change as a child grows and methods of teaching should responsively change as a child progresses in the school. 

Years 3 to 5 (Kindergarten years) are the first stage in a child’s journey through education and we are committed to providing the best possible start. The key objective is to instill the perception in the young child that learning is fun and an enriching experience. KRS International School will follow Montessori method of teaching for these years.   

Junior Years (Class 1 to 5) will build on the perception that learning is fun and an enriching experience and provide basic skills in communications, math, and the perception of the world through physical and social sciences.

Additionally, children will have the opportunity to take part in individual instrumental lessons, musical ensembles, dramatic productions, class assemblies, sporting competitions, trips and events such as Sports Day, Games, Book Week, International Day and Peace Day.

We envision the school to be a busy, vibrant place that encourages children to become independent, confident learners who are able to interact productively with peers and the many adults that they encounter. Our students will thrive in an environment managed by an academic staff and leadership team who work together to monitor the curriculum and support the development of children in the school.

Our teachers have high expectations and pride themselves on academic standards that are consistently with an international perspective.